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When you choose a Superfan plan, you get unique rewards/products and special access to exclusive content that no one will ever have. In fact, you even get credited on chosen official channels. Your fandom & support helps Srijit Bhowmick's independent music career grow. Great art thrives on patronage and his music is at the center of this model. 100% of the revenue goes towards covering the production costs of his independent singer-songwriter original music.


An independent artist/creator may write songs out of thin air (and even cover art concepts, music video scripts, etc). But for it to reach you, a lot more happens. Through this revenue, Srijit Bhowmick will be able to partially cover production-related costs of his original music. It involves the following expenses (listed on the basis of priority):

  • studio (recording, mixing, mastering) / sound engineer expenses 

  • fees of session musicians / co-producer

  • music artworks (cover art of songs involving photos/designs/illustrations)

  • music distribution & licensing, jam-room rehearsal expenses 

  • audio-video content (indie music videos, for example) and/or other marketing assets

  • tours to push the music out there, create a momentum and secondary content


A superfan/patron of the arts, is someone who regularly supports artists, musicians, writers and others. Some of the greatest artists in history had superfans/patrons: Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Tansen, Swami Haridas (Tansen's guru), Satyajit Ray, Rabindranath Tagore, to the new-age filmmakers, musicians, artists and writers. In other industries, we can have independent news portals like The Wire, Scroll, Quint, Alt-news or YouTube/social media journos or content-makers like Samdish Bhatia and others.


Superfan plans started as an urge to balance the high studio-tracked production-related costs. Beyond that, it aims to grow the artist brand of Srijit Bhowmick, to turn it into a sustainable business over time. Consistent releases and/or release cycles creates a consistent wave and allows for probable profits to take place. It involves not just putting the music out but also doing more for releases such as marketing aspects (includes live performances, audio-visual releases, other marking tools and more).


Every time you purchase a 'Superfan' subscription plan, you're making a voluntary contribution as a superfan/patron. Thus, you're not only having a part in helping the creations see the light of the day but you are also paying for special access to unique exclusive BTS content & other rewards. More on this under "What Your Fandom Can Do".

In this manner, you become a part of 'things that matter' like good art, journalism or content - in this case, the continuous creation/production of an intangible social good like Srijit Bhowmick's art (music) and it's related-content. With your support and fandom, Srijit Bhowmick will not just be creating more and but also, be delivering goods, experiences and/or services (for personal non-commercial private use or otherwise). Songs and plans, below!



Tanha | Jan '23:
Raising funds for his next studio single, "Tanha".
(links & updates on his Instagra: @srijitbhowmick

Sau Baar (studio version) | 2023:
Raising funds for another studio single, "Sau Baar".
(listen to the lockdown version)

Tere Muqable | 2023:
Raising funds for "Tere Muqable", "Love Date", and 2 other Hindi tracks.
(unavailable for public or third-party listens at the moment)


PREMIUM PLANS (write to us for the following):
It's for businesses/brands/entities. If you're an individual instead, please write to us and tell us what we can do for you. We'd be happy to explore in lieu with our internal documents/policies on this. Let's chat. Drop us a mail to, go to Contact.

OUR PATRONS (updated monthly, with consent):

1. Rahul Rao: 1 plan each for Tanha, Sau Baar and Tere Muqable
2. Kausthub Sekhar: 1 plan for Tanha


This cap and value could be modified in the future as we grow and gain more patrons.


To begin with, Srijit Bhowmick has set a low-target of INR 20,000 per quarter/single. It involves the following costs partially covered for every single (listed on the basis of priority):

  • studio-related production processes (recording, mixing, mastering) 

  • fees of session musicians (and/or of co-production, if applicable)

  • music artwork (cover art of a song involving photos/designs/illustrations)

  • music distribution & licensing and jam-room rehearsal expenses 

OVERHEADS: It is still loss-making due to many other overheads: travel-expenses per single (30 days per song for various production activities), concessions on real rates & missed income opportunities of the crew (throughout the supply line) to work with Srijit Bhowmick because of their love for his/good original music.

It also doesn't cover the rent, bills, personal expenses, payments and/or the taxes of Srijit Bhowmick, taken care of through other business engagements/means outside of his independent original singer-songwriter music. This revenue just about allows Srijit Bhowmick to, at the bare minimum, pay them their discounted/concessional fees, get them onboard and put the product (his music and maybe, some related content/activities) out.


It also involves Srijit Bhowmick working on multiple roles & responsibilities (to cut down the losses and squeeze more out of the limited funds), for music production and all other music-related activities, as usual.

Like for Lifafon Mein's music video (out now), Srijit Bhowmick is the producer, scriptwriter, actor, director, did the storyboarding, did the editing to an extent, gotten friends/acquaintances onboard to act and done pretty much everything by himself while hiring a videographer to help shoot & edit (esp, color grading).

Other than singing the songs he writes the song (composes the tune, writes the lyrics, builds the rhythmic backbone), plays the guitars, arranges and produces his music, edits, engineers, scouts & hires talents, is an art director for all his releases so far whether for conceptual photoshoots or sketches shared with the illustrator(s), tries his best to do the PR, built this website, books gigs, tours, talks to countless people, everything possibly imaginable. With subscription plans, it'll involve even more roles and responsibilities (which often comes with the baggage of developing newer skills to do tasks that otherwise costs capital)such as maintaining records, communication with contributors (mails, texts, calls), writing Press Release and Music Pitches and much more.


A bare-minimum target of INR 40,000 per quarter/single raised from subscription payments. With this, Srijit Bhowmick can partially cover the production expenses of one song, as stated above (at the top) and additionally, may also deliver:

  • a indie self-produced music videos of decent quality & storyline 


With INR 60,000 per quarter/single raised from subscription payments, every song may additionally get some of the following, if not all:

  • Marketing assets like: a better music video or some more audio-visual content and/or  putting together a small multi-city tour 


With INR 1 Lakh per quarter/single (let's be real, this is a little too ambitious at this stage), every song can additionally get:

  • Better or more marketing assets like: a KICKASS music video, some more audio-visual content, putting together a small multi-city tour, small ads and/or influencer marketing

NOTE: All this and even more is what a music label/entity does (alongside organizational expertise, legal expertise, network and so forth that money simply can't buy - like an investment firm, VC, independent investors and others in the startup world) that allows artists to push their music out there. Thus, allowing an artist brand to get actual conversions (metrics, bookings and other inquiries and more payments for his goods, experiences and services, so on) via recurring live shows, content, ads, marketing and other activities. This, in turn, pushes the demand and allows him to stay in the news, ride the wave/carry the momentum, keep churning out new music and new audio-visual content that engages and excites the older fans while enticing and attracting the newer/yet-to-be fans. It leads to that pivotal ripple effect on an upward spiral creating recurring growth. It can break-even or be profit-making via all that and more (such as publishing and other ways of exploiting a song's potential for returns) such that there's that growth which music companies such as labels and management aspire for or actualize, that allows for profits and self-sustainability in 1-3 years (as they additionally have a huge network for better exploitation of releases at the highest echelons of the industry, years of experience, an organizational structure and team, and better familiarity with music business work).



Please ensure you share your - name, email id and phone number - every time you make a contribution or payment via the link "BECOME A PATRON" or if directly, via mails or DMs. It helps us to keep a record, communicate either way and make the deliveries hassle-free.

Patronage Types/Duration:

Our subscription-based model makes things easier for you and give back more than others. For individual subscription plans, the standard payment is once per song (any one plan). However, you can pay or contribute once or as many times or as much as you like - you get to decide a value you'd like to ascribe to his music. For business interests or institutional grant, please contact us. 

Payment Methods:

Click on 'BECOME A PATRON' at the top of the page after you choose a plan. You can purchase via Cashfree Payments (India), PayPal (International), UPI (Gpay/PayTm - India) or Bank Transfers (India) Go to Contact for UPI & Bank Transfer info/quiries.  


A. UPI payments (India): Find our details on Contact
 for Gpay/PayTm.

B. Cashfree (India) -

C. PayPal (International) -

Note: PayPal users may kindly note that PayPal charges is around 7% and to check their website and adjust your payment accordingly. We're happy to assist.


D. Direct bank transfers:
Contact us!

Proof of your support:
Every electronic transaction creates a digital record every-time there's a transaction on both ends, so, the proof of purchase/contribution is taken care of on both ends. We wouldn't encourage offline transactions for the same reason.


Here’s the coolest part! Rewards will be delivered at least a week before the release. But not just that! Each and every paisa going in and out of this fund will be accounted for and the balance sheet will be updated a few weeks before a release and shared with our patrons. We hope that this will go a long way in furthering the Indian music industry and fill the potholes that are glaring at us, especially the creators, now more than ever.

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