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Bombay-bred critically-acclaimed indie singer-songwriter from India. Featured on ScoopWhoop, Apple Music, The Wire In, Rolling Stone India, The Score Magazine, ahummingheart, Sofar Sounds and on many more. 100-plus shows, 15-plus cities, multiple releases.


The Story

Srijit Bhowmick is an indie singer-songwriter-producer from Mumbai, India. An artist of a kind, he sings the songs he writes (composer-lyricist) and produces, while playing the guitar and wearing multiple more hats.

Tanha, his latest single out in early '23, got into editorial playlists of Spotify (Fresh Finds IN), Apple Music and YouTube Music. While Lifafon Mein, his early '22 single out with a music video, earned him accolades from industry bigwigs and prominent media features. As 'Sri' (circa 2016-21), Gulaam, his first Hindi single out in late '19, got featured as an Apple Music Exclusive leading to massive critical success and streams. With an experimental debut EP in '17 and a crowdfunded EP in early '19, he built his sound. The appreciation from India's indie music scene and critics took him to perform multiple tours of all-original sets, about 100-plus shows, in 15-plus Indian cities. Off a high, the pandemic years couldn't dampen his spirits as he fiddled with his DAW on top, to home-produce and release experimental versions of three of his songs. His unique sound and the freshness in every release has been recognised, over the years, by the likes of ScoopWhoop, Spotify, Apple Music, The Wire IN, Rolling Stone IN, The Score Mag, ahummingheart, Sofar Sounds, News9Live, The Indian Music Diaries, Rock Street Journal, Mid-Day, Radio City, Big FM, and many more. The artist will have a lot more releases soon.. but until then, check out The Best of Srijit Bhowmick.

Instagram: @srijitbhowmick 

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