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Official music releases on all major digital music platforms by Srijit Bhowmick. 'Tap' on the album art to stream the song(s) on your favorite streaming site. 

Tanha by Srijit Bhowmick 03 (Photo by Ben The Walrus, Edit by Ryan Crasto & Srijit Bhowmic
Tanha by Srijit Bhowmick (3000px x 3000px).jpg


Tanha - Single (2023)

Capturing the secret trepidation of a lover, 'Tanha' is an audio-film-ballad about all the serene moments & feelings indulging the weight of tenderly-envisaged romantic hopes & dreams - that are wanting to come out and do a slow love dance. Written, Composed, Performed and Produced by indie singer-songwriter Srijit Bhowmick, this serenading love song is about how the lover woos, charms and basks cluelessly in the twilight for moments of a time maybe yet to arrive - and blows a kiss to the sea, like a wishful prayer to the wind. Within a week of it's release, it got into official editorial playlists of Spotify, Apple Music and YT Music.

Just Photo_Lifafon Mein_edited.jpg
White_Album Art_Lifafon Mein copy.jpg


Lifafon Mein - Single (2022)

Lifafon Mein - his 2nd studio single, the 1st after this plague, is like a "momo": epic, energetic, peppy, groovy, ethereal, chill & relaxing and yet, so uplifting & full of hope. Filled with romance inside out, Lifafon Mein is about newfound love, the sweet longing and all the silly butterflies associated with it. Previously known as 'Sri', the post-pandemic Srijit Bhowmick drops his ambiguous moniker to release all his upcoming music under his full name. 

Gulaam Artwork_edited.jpg


Gulaam - Single (2019)

Apple Music Editors: "Following the release of his English-language EP The Only Find, Mumbai troubadour Srijit Bhowmick aka Sri rounds off 2019 with a song in Hindi. Backed by a groovy bassline and easygoing drums, Sri sings about dreams and selling your soul, heightening the mood with his charming crooning. Featuring a bluesy folk-guitar line, the song paints an honest, introspective picture of human existence."



The Only Find EP (2019)

The Score Mag: "...are best sung to oneself sitting by rain-blasted windows. These decidedly introspective compositions are matched by a voice cronning in tones of invocation. Imagine the dishevelled prophets spitting out revelation beside dusty backroads and menacing neon city glows of Beat poetry, and you will hear an echo of the same in Sri. The EP pivots on lyrical compulsion. Srijit veers between obscure and obvious, making liberal use of personal metaphor and pointed symbol..."

Streaming Services Square_The Only Find.jpg


Sri EP (2017)

ahummingheart: ".. has been performing original material since 2016. In this short span he has released his debut EP, performed at enough shows to be deemed a Sofar veteran and has now crowdfunded his second release The Only Find.. His self titled debut EP Sri, comprising three neat tracks, garnered more than warranted attention and features."

Lockdown Experiments

Pandemic-era music releases from Srijit Bhowmick's makeshift home-studio


Love Date - Single (2020)

The Score Mag: "Lacking any pretentiousness or over-the-top emotions, his song is simple and warm as he croons about drunk pujo nights, having shwarmas, a first at a CCD and other mundane exercises of existence that create memories for the future.. not only a love letter to his date but also, Mumbai."

Love Date by Sri - Cover Art.jpg
Sau Baar (Mera Katt Chuka Hai) - Cover Art.jpeg


Sau Baar - Single (2020)

The Indian Music Diaries: "Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Srijit Bhowmick who goes by the alias Sri released Sau Baar, his second Hindi single during the lockdown. This energetic track has fun vibes which come off as heartfelt lyrics with a slightly distorted guitar throughout the length of the song."


Tum Aayi Ho - Single (2021)

Rolling Stone India: "Mumbai singer-songwriter Srijit Bhowmick aka Sri returns with a brand-new offering titled “Tum Aayi Ho.” The new song includes melodic electric guitar playing, Sri’s Bob Dylan-esque acoustic guitar strumming and singing as well as a catchy chorus."

Tum Aayi Ho by Sri - Cover Art (1).jpg
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